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Guy Incognito writes books for his children, then shares them with you. His books are awesome, FUN, and totally unforgettable.

Terrible Scary Volume One
Penny to a Million
Syllable Soup
Lunark Season One

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Awesome Quotes From Amazing Children’s Books

"Only bad books have good endings. If a book is any good, its ending is…

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About The Author

Guy Incognito is the pen name of an author who writes books for grownups that you should not read until you are old enough to drive.

Little is known about him, though there have been reports of a man with a very large nose who never stops talking. This man is also reported to loathe inferior Mexican food and if Internet rumors are true, has two nostrils in his nose.

Anyone claiming to be Guy Incognito is clearly lying, since the true Guy would never admit to such a thing.

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